webbino - security

password scrambler [not supported anymore]

Do you have enough of remembering all those passwords? and you don't feel comfortable about using always the same? Then use the password scrambler. You type the (if you wish) always same password, and you tell the password scrambler which target you need to access with it. The password scrambler then generates from your password and the target a new not mnemonic password (you can choose which characters are allowed, and the maximal size). Copy and paste the generated password when logging in into the applications. If you use often the scambler, you can also store the target names and options in a file, whose description will soon follows...
If you have sensitive data to send me, or if you want to verify that I'm the one that sent you an email you can use my PGP public key. At the moment I cannot provide you with another security protocol (like s/mime or others) but as soon as I get an digital identity I will update this page.

If you wonder at what is PGP about, let me just say that it is an encryption and signature tool, that can be downloaded from the web for free (from outside the US use http://www.pgp.com) where you also get information about how it works. Note that some mail clients support PGP so that you can transparently send and receive secure email.